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How to dress to conceal abdominal fat

It is true that beyond the age of 40, many women, including myself, notice an increase in body fat, particularly around the midsection. However, this issue is not merely generational, and not all women gain weight in the same way. We quickly find ourselves with a silhouette that is a little heavy in the belly area and concomitant difficulties in clothing if we combine stress, insomnia, poor eating habits like imbalanced and frequently hurried meals, lack of physical activity, and this very widespread trend. Because of this, on occasion even the waist may lose its definition, and the body begins to resemble the infamous “apple” form. This essay attempts to act more as a “cheat sheet,” a collection of incredibly helpful solutions to this problem. Fortunately, there are several ways to hide belly fat, so it won’t affect our refined and wonderfully elegant sense of style. At all costs, avoid wearing anything that is excessively tight in that area! But stay away from wearing anything that creates the illusion of a “trunk” and obliterates the definition of the waist by falling wide in the middle of the body. Wearing modest “strategic” drapes is the solution in many circumstances. When we want to wear clothing that covers our tummies, they prove to be useful allies. The best drapes and ruches are central or lateral, at waist height, and provide the impression of verticality (they also look well if they are asymmetrical, that is, arranged on just one side).

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