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How Ethiopian Movie Stars Celebrate ‘Mesqel’ Holiday

Talking about one’s interests is enjoyable. If you want to develop positive relationships with your coworkers, take the effort to learn about their interests and hobbies. But be careful not to breach any lines that are off-limits. If you want to have good interactions with your staff, don’t wait for them to approach you. When you show curiosity, your employees are more likely to respect you. The 30 minutes you spend having coffee with a new coworker are time well spent if it helps lay the foundation for a lasting, enjoyable relationship. Employees want to hear when they are delivering high-quality work, so be sure to compliment them when it is due.

The way workplaces run has always fascinated me. Outside of work, you can choose your pals, but at work, your “friends” are picked for you. That’s one of the most intriguing sociological experiments I’ve ever seen. Bring together a diverse group of individuals who have never met before, and then instruct them to cooperate, get along, and make friends. We all need to get along, especially given how stressed out culture, collaboration, and living as one big happy family are right now. You must try to work with people you don’t get along with, but it’s crucial for you to grasp that this is a reality.

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