How did artist Gelila and Yonas mobile meet

Despite obstacles, the country’s film industry is thriving, but it hasn’t yet reached its full potential. The once-thriving live theater scene in Ethiopia only gave rise to a very tiny number of well-known stage performers. As Ethiopian films become increasingly modern in the 2000s, Amharic is now used in them, although the growth of these films has been impeded by copyright infringement and piracy brought on by widespread home video and DVD distribution. This lessened in the early 2010s as a result of government engagement and the adoption of policies. Contrary to overseas premieres, Ethiopian film production has remained shoddy and subpar despite recent improvements. Foreign box office grosses were unheard of before the 1990s. Haile Gerima, Salem Mekuria, Yemane Demissie, and Teshome Gabriel are a few of the most well-known people who have helped Ethiopian films succeed abroad. During Ethiopian holidays, there are no all-night dance celebrations at Ethiopian nightclubs or flashing neon signs in enormous stores. The “special TV shows,” the bulk of which induce heart failure in its early phases, are not mentioned in any of this. The majority of renowned people, including those who don’t seem to be laughing about it, aren’t posting “Cheerful occasion” messages. In Ethiopia, parades of joyous sheep, chickens, and other livestock are a common feature of celebrations.

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