How can a long distance relationship be successful?

If you’ve found someone with whom you connect, you probably don’t want to let the opportunity for love pass you by simply because you two don’t reside in the same area. You can still have a contented, healthy relationship with someone even if you only see them occasionally each month (or even a year). Even yet, it takes work to keep a long-distance relationship going, and you have to make sure your spouse and you still feel connected while being apart by distance. For advice on how to handle a long-distance relationship, we turned to life and relationship coach Kavita Patel. In this article, she provides tips for couples on how often to see one another, how to feel connected when you’re not physically together, and how to communicate whether you’re together or apart. In a long-distance relationship, keeping the lines of communication open is essential. The greatest options, in Patel’s opinion, are conversing on the phone and Face Timing because so much information can be lost in translation while interacting via text. Stay away from the trap of only using SMS during your hectic day and never picking up the phone. Set aside time for in-depth conversations where you can both hear and see each other’s faces. According to Patel, it’s also essential to check in in the mornings and the evenings just before bed. This gives you a sense of connectedness at the beginning and conclusion of every day. Even though you are not physically present with each other in this way, you will still feel like a part of each other’s days.

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