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Homemade hair serum and oil for growing hair from onions

Hair frequently speaks to each woman’s assigned beauty. A woman with a heavily ironed mane doesn’t need to wear any frills or makeup to look beautiful. A woman’s gorgeous appearance is enhanced by her gorgeous locks. Although every woman nurtures her hair and needs that gleaming adolescent hair even in her 30s, it is difficult to achieve on a general basis.

Hair problems like hair fall, hair decreasing, grey hair, dandruff, and scalp troubles are a common sources of irritation for 9 out of 10 women due to our way of life, busy schedules, diet, contamination, and stress. Numerous hair-growth serums, oils, and veils are available, but deciding which one to use is still challenging. This is why women rely on tried-and-true DIY remedies to solve their hair problems, with onions being one potent remedy.

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