Heartfelt Interview With Solomon Bogale And His Daughter

Solomon Bogale is one of a select group of people who, from an early age, were called and led by the light of God to seek out the truth and to keep on traveling in the direction of the Divine Presence despite the difficulties and hindrances that confront those who honestly seek enlightenment.

His pursuit of knowledge, insight, and wisdom took him around the globe and to the doors of numerous masters, but he discovered the truest manifestation of light among the wisemen of al-Islam and embraced the way without resistance. In this sincere interview with Solomon Bogale and his daughter, we talk about a variety of topics, including the state and condition of the Ummah and the world, the value of light in the life of a believer, the virtues of patience, tolerance, and compassion, our capacity to recognize and observe the signs of God, which are constantly manifest in our lives and along the path, as well as many other topics.

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