Heart Touching Memorial Song By Legendary Ethiopia Singer And Song Writer

Legendary vocalist Tilahun Gesesse, often known as “The Voice,” was a superstar from Ethiopia. In the 1960s and 1970s, which are regarded as Ethiopia’s greatest years for music, Tilahun first appeared on the national music scene. He became the most well-known singer in the nation due to his superb voice, flawless delivery, and kind demeanor.

One of the most well-known figures in the nation, he attained the pinnacle of glory in the music business.
In the region of Oromia’s Wolliso, Tilahun was born on September 29, 1940. During his early years, his parents divorced. Tilahun’s grandma reared him after taking him in when both of his parents made the decision to leave Wolliso. He was an elementary school student at Ras Gobena.

Tilahun was quite young when he decided he wanted to be a singer. At the age of 12, Tilahun addressed the Hager Fiker Theater musicians to express his interest in becoming a vocalist when they performed at his school. The musicians included Negatua Kelkaye and Eyoel Yohannes. The youthful Tilahun was given Euoel’s advise to relocate to the capital Addis Abeba and try to join a theater company.
Tilahun heeded the advise wholeheartedly.

He leaves his house at the age of 13 in the trunk of a loaded train. He was adamant about becoming a singer despite the opposition from his family. Tilahun’s choice to relocate to the nation’s capital, Addis Abeba, has been the subject of different accounts. Some contend that he relocated to Addis Abeba to pursue a career as a musician, while others claim that he did so to live with his mother. The 14-year-old Tilahun first went through an audition and joined Hager Fiker Theater when he arrived in Addis Abeba.
Tilahun met and became friends with Firew Hailu, a great vocalist. They were both young people residing in the theater’s housing.

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