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Health benefits of banana and its peel

Despite the benefits of eating bananas that you may already be aware of, did you also know that peeling bananas has health benefits? You are indeed accurate. The different benefits of banana peels are discussed in this article along with tips for making the most of them. Bananas are not only well-known for their high nutritional value and mineral content, but they are also a very convenient and healthy snack option that can be enjoyed at any time. Nevertheless, we normally discard the banana peels (or use them for home composting). Unexpectedly, banana peels are a great source of polyphenols, carotenoids, and other antioxidants that can protect your body and skin from damaging free radicals. Rub the banana peel on your teeth for about a minute every day for a week. This could result in tooth whitening, which otherwise would be rather expensive. Anecdotal evidence suggests that banana peels can effectively remove warts and stop the development of new ones. Apply the peel directly to the affected area or tie it to the area overnight. This is one of the easiest uses for banana peel skin. Banana peels can also be consumed. In some amazing Indian recipes, banana peels can be added to stir fries, chutneys, and curry meals. Raw banana peels can also be used to tenderize and preserve meat and poultry. To treat acne, simply massage banana peels for five minutes a day on your face and body. The benefits should be seen after a week. Continuously apply the peels till the acne has disappeared.

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