He said he don’t like my makeup

The rationale is usually, in my opinion, the most obvious response. With this one, there’s no need to read between the lines or delve deeply.

Initially and mainly You are you. I don’t know your circumstances, but if you aren’t being detained due to a legal need, a threat of violence, a medical condition, or a severe cosmetics phobia, then what? Exactly who cares what he thinks! He doesn’t own it, wears it, or purchase it. To be honest, it sounds like he may be uncomfortable about himself and perceives your wearing makeup as a challenge to his manhood; or he may have illusions that he is your only option in a world full of handsomely capable and secure people. Could be? It might be for the best that you’re doing this and “attracting” bystanders. In such a situation, we once more consider his unwillingness to have confidence in himself.

No matter how much or how little makeup you choose to wear, he will ultimately need to gain control of this.

Let’s be honest. When my attire looks beautiful and is put together, I feel confident. We all prefer to appear attractive and project confidence, suspenders or not. Who, after all, doesn’t?

If someone lacks self-assurance, regardless of what another person does, EVEN IF that other person is or isn’t their boyfriend or girlfriend? Perhaps they should identify themselves because it is a ticket to a ride that nobody has ever claimed to have enjoyed.

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