He married another while I was waiting for him

I share a home with a man I do not love. But I’ve had romantic feelings for a man I met in college. We enjoyed a couple of relaxing vacations and romantic lunches together. I felt privileged because he always paid for everything. I thought I was his soul mate, but he wasn’t one to admit it and the numerous cards I wrote expressing my affection were rarely returned.

We split up, and it stung that he married someone else. But I was delighted to learn that he still desired to meet occasionally. I had it in my head that he had gotten married quickly because he wanted kids and security. I’ve had a few serious lovers, but none of them have ever asked me to marry them, and I’ve never had kids.

We first continued to meet annually in a platonic manner. I used his job to send him cards. Then, after ten years of cards but no meetings, he requested to speak with me once more. After sharing a kiss, we decided to move on. After a few Travelodges, I realized we were meant to be.

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