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You are conscious of the feelings you have when you initially begin to like someone. The butterflies, the persistent want to text or call them, and the sudden need to go out and buy a brand-new clothing in an effort to wow them (even though your wallet might totally disagree with you). The emotions can get incredibly intense when you first start to crush someone hard, and there is an excitement that is hard to describe. It genuinely feels like when you first start to fall in love. As a result, it could be challenging to distinguish between a crush and other kinds of love, such infatuation or platonic love. With platonic love, things are simpler to comprehend. First off, according to Merriam-Webster, a platonic relationship is one that is “distinguished by the lack of romance or sex.” This suggests that you can establish deep platonic relationships with your close friends, family members, and other friends. Platonic relationships provide the opportunity to relax and build trust in a safe, supportive environment. Because you have similar interests and pastimes, you can support one another mentally and emotionally when necessary.
Though it’s not often too difficult to do so, things may get a little complicated when it comes to understanding romantic love. We spoke with vice president of and dating expert Maria Sullivan, who offers some particular signs that you might be in love.

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