He hasn’t contacted me in a while.

Additionally, the early stages might elicit a variety of complicated, strong, and varied emotions that may change over time. You might, for instance, feel depressed, irritated, afraid, shocked, guilty, regretful, and grievous. On the other hand, you can feel relieved, upbeat, or enthusiastic about your new life. Some parents who have recently divorced or separated say they feel freed from the conflict and pressure of working out differences with a partner. In addition, this could be a time of self-revelation and direction-finding. To begin with, it may be enough to carry out your responsibilities while controlling your emotions. It’s acceptable to carry on doing business for a while. Hopefully, the following guidance will help you get through the initial days and weeks. Since it takes time to adjust to significant changes, give yourself time to process your emotions. No matter what, you might be feeling a sense of loss. By talking about the loss, you can process it and get past it. Don’t initially have great expectations for your family or yourself. One of those things is moving houses. You might be able to put it off till your situation and your sentiments are more clearly defined. Some things will be beyond your control, such as what happens when your child is with their other parent. Save your efforts for the problems you can influence. For instance, to provide your child a sense of security and protection while they are with you, you might implement some family rituals. Even if you are unable to change the situation, you might be able to change how you react.

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