Having fun with her brother is artist Bayush (Mitu).

The cosmetics industry is incredible, but if you’ve never used any of the hundreds of different products, it could seem overwhelming. Is having three different shades of concealer really required only to hide your undereye circles? Putting together a cosmetics kit that is easy to use for novices is the first step in producing a beautiful makeup look. Because they allow you to apply a flawless, even foundation before applying your face makeup, face primers are vital beauty products. Makeup primers help you make your makeup last longer by guaranteeing that the numerous cosmetic products you apply on top don’t move, smudge, or fade over the day. Now that your canvas is complete for a gorgeous, even complexion, add foundation. Use a foundation that has medium to buildable coverage so you may get both a full-coverage look and a regular, natural finish as a beginner. If you’ve never used foundation makeup before, this comprehensive guide will give you all the information you need to get started. On days when your skin needs a little more help, quickly mask flaws and undereye bags with concealer. Then, employ our useful advice to locate a gentle remedy that isn’t greasy or oppressive on your skin.

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