Hannan’s new employment contract

Hannan, an Ethiopian artist, smashes a record. For a single advertising, she received 1.5 million birr. In the realm of plants, Bahir Zaf is viewed as a “selfish” variety. Due to its absorption of all subsurface water, no other plant can grow within a few radiuses. Wherever it is sown, grassland cannot be found, much alone trees. The loss of other plant species and water sources made people aware of the plant’s dangers. Its destruction therefore became the only choice.

Even still, years after the occurrence, Bahir Zaf continues to stand proudly in different places of the nation. An effort was made to alter this reality by the nonprofit Ethiopian Heritage Trust, which was founded to safeguard the nation’s historical and natural heritages. The association started removing eucalyptus trees and replacing them with native plant seeds 22 years ago.

In order to cover 1,300 hectares with native vegetation, the organization acquired Entoto for a century after coming to an arrangement with the Addis Abeba City Administrative. Members of the association have been doing that for more than ten years, working with both public and private businesses, students, and volunteers.

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