Gospel Singer Tade’s Cultural Wedding Ceremony

Think about what best represents your relationship as a pair as a place to start. I’ve always approached wedding design by drawing inspiration from the couple’s past to create something entirely original, distinctive, and intimate. I prefer to ask couples about how they met, how they got engaged, and how they spend their leisure time to get ideas for unique wedding elements. Travels, shared interests, and family histories are all great sources of inspiration. Second, don’t forget to consider your audience! The convenience and enjoyment of your guests comes first at your wedding, but it’s also primarily about celebrating your legal marriage to your spouse.

Because minimalist bouquets are more fashionable and elegant than the conventional overstuffed bouquet, they are the perfect way for a bride to express her modern style. Let a nosegay or Biedermeier bouquet be the focal point of your wedding day attire as you go down the aisle. When wearing a flower crown, a flower girl dressed in blue is far cuter than one wearing traditional blue jewellery or garters. As an alternative, have the flower girl scatter blue-dyed flower petals to put a unique spin on this age-old tradition.

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