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Have you ever wondered what the word “ship” in “relationship” actually means? It suggests that a relationship can be floating or sinking. Okay, so it’s not quite true, but it’s still a useful way to think about how pressure impacts a relationship. Even while having a boyfriend or girlfriend can be nice, there are a lot of other things that can make someone unhappy and discontent. Internal pressures can be brought on by factors including envy, a refusal to make concessions, age or cultural differences, and unreal or unmet expectations. Pressures that are not related to the relationship itself can come from other people or things, including disease, money, family, friends, school or work, and other people or things. Find out what factors, both internal and external, are harming your relationship. When you’re ready, use some of the following strategies to help reduce the tension and preserve your relationship. Despite having cell phones and airplanes, there is still no technology that enables us to read minds! So the next best thing is to communicate with words. If there is something that is upsetting you, let them know nicely. After that, you can work together to discover a solution. You can’t always obtain what you desire. By discussing what matters less with your partner, you can determine what is most important to each of you separately. It could be challenging to accept if a close friend or relative doesn’t share all of your hobbies. Compromise, though, like anything else, becomes easier with practice. Everyone likes to hear how much they are valued. The likelihood of problems like jealousy is decreased in a relationship when you both share the same feelings towards each other.

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