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Get Fair, Smooth Hands by Exfoliating; Get Wrinkless by Exfoliating

The summer heat not only dehydrates us physically but also steals the moisture from our skin, leaving it looking dry and drab. The UVA rays from the sun promote tanning of the skin. The melanocyte-stimulating UVA rays penetrate the epidermis’ lower layers and activate these cells. The brown pigment in the skin that tans the skin, melanin, is produced by these cells. The danger of early aging of the skin is increased by tanning. Due to their seldom protection from the sun’s harmful rays, our hands experience the most solar exposure. Discoloration and an uneven skin tone could result from this. People may use severe measures, such as bleaching their skin, to remove the tan from their hands, however doing so results in increased darkening and makes the skin rough and dry.

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