Funny Interview With Artist Feven Ketema

Please suggest a show featuring artist Feven Ketema. Currently, it is really hot in Dire Dawa. The city’s health department is concerned about the heat. They urge people to exercise caution while it is hot outside. A critical issue that is getting worse is global warming. All around the world, including Ethiopia, it is a problem. According to the World Health Organization, 125 million additional individuals have spent the last 20 years in extremely hot conditions.

Our health can be harmed by too much heat. Long-term exposure to extremely hot temperatures can be quite dangerous, particularly if you have diabetes or heart disease. The person in charge of instructing citizens of the city on what to do warned them to exercise extreme caution around themselves because the weather is unusually warm. The older residents of Dire Dawa recall that the area was windy and that the temperature never rose over 34 or 35 degrees. Every year, the temperature rises, occasionally even exceeding 40 degrees.

Drinking extra water and not covering yourself while sleeping are two things that people in Dire Dawa should do. Children and anyone who have mental health concerns shouldn’t be left alone when it’s really hot outside, according to health professionals. People are being given tiny trees by the government to plant. We should concentrate on growing and maintaining more trees, according to Sintayehu. He urged people to pay attention to recommendations on growing and planting trees.

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