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Funny Encounter With The Expat While Filming

During filming, she ran into her Indian lover SuSu on TikToker. Many Africans experience discrimination that goes beyond simple prejudices.

It is crucial for young Africans to analyse and comprehend the origins of discrimination so they can proudly wear their hair however they choose without feeling pressured to adhere to global, primarily Western standards of beauty.
A group of panellists at ‘Let’s Talk about Dreadlocks’ focused on issues Africans deal with on a daily basis at home in an effort to raise awareness of and shed some light on these confusing issues that lie beneath the surface.
SawaraworkTafari, 42, is an Addis Ababa-based photographer who works for the Addis Fortune Newspaper. After nine years of wearing his hair in dreadlocks, it now reaches his lower back. Sawarawork never experienced discrimination at work, but many people regularly mistake him for a marijuana user on the streets, despite the fact that he does not smoke the drug. Neither has he ever been asked to cut his dreadlocks for work, and he’s not sure if he ever would if a position opened up.

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