Fortunately, the automobile was located.

Those who battered the taxi driver believed he was dead and stole the vehicle were caught. The vehicle was seized in Bahadar! Likewise, the administration claims that nomads, pastoralist communities, and anyone who plans to trade between the two nations won’t encounter any difficulties due to this fence.

Some clans that reside between these borders are not quite persuaded that the barriers won’t hinder their travel, and there are some disputes in this regard. While taking steps to construct the fence, the government is hosting clan elders and talking with them about the situation.

The Namibia-Botswana border is the second illustration. The border walls in Namibia have now been fully electrified. After moving its cattle that depend on pasture in Angola, it plans to do the same on its border with that country as well. Why was it erected? due to its desire to prevent the spread of diseases, including lung illness and foot-and-mouth. According to the administration, it has set aside 2.3 billion local dollars for the 2016–2017 fiscal year. It has allotted cash to expand veterinary hospitals and staff internationally in order to deliver better services.

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