Former Model Melkam Micheal Rezaveld About Her Private Life

On August 18, 2012, in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, for the 62nd Miss World competition, Miss Ethiopia Melkam Michael Endale will now represent Ethiopia. Aged 20 and residing in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, is Melkam Endale.Along with playing football, she enjoys writing poetry. She like salad and kitfo, a dish made with finely chopped raw beef and a classic Ethiopian dish. Due to issues with her visa last year, she withdrew from the Miss World 2011 event.

A university student right now, Melkam wants to improve the perception of her native nation. Harry Potter is Melkam’s favorite genre of novels, and she aspires to take part in a variety of charitable endeavors. Everything occurs for a reason is the personal motto of Melkam. Miss World 2012 will take place in Ordos, China’s Inner Mongolia. One of Inner Mongolia’s twelve principal subregions is called Ordos. It may be found inside the Yellow River’s Ordos Loop.

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