Former EBS TV Host Nafkot Tigstu Introdused Her Newly Born Baby

Nafkot the journalist introduced her infant. I’ve already discussed the challenge of getting people to pay attention that startups frequently encounter. Starting off, you might not have enough cash to advertise your goods on TV, radio, or in newspapers. So you can go to people’s homes and introduce yourself and your company. Guerrilla marketing is what we refer to as. You can walk around the neighborhood and hand out your menu to folks if you open a restaurant there. Therefore, this is what I advise new firms to do because it is crucial for them to attract attention when they first launch.

Give them your phone number and ask them to put you in touch with the investor if you find something that appeals to you.

After that, you can collaborate on a project. Everything is now easy. I glance at my social media to see if there are any intriguing posts.

I would then just send them a private message saying I’m interested in learning more about them. I get five to six emails a day from companies in other African nations interested in finding out more about my enterprise in Ethiopia. The best method for establishing collaborations is social media.

If it weren’t for anything else, I wouldn’t be here. Ethiopia is like watching a movie again if you can work with other Africans because what we are going to go through, other African nations have already gone through.

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