Former EBS TV Hos Nafkot Launched A New Entertainment Program

Interview with Nafkot Tigistu, a former EBS television journalist. Nafkot Tigistu, a journalist, created a new position. One of GER’s annual races, the 5km race, has served as one of the best pre-competition trials for a number of elite athletes. The winner will receive a cash prize of 50,000 birrs.

One of the notable competitors this year is the long-distance runner from Ethiopia, Tsege Geberselama. Tsege hopes to repeat as champion one month after taking home silver at the 2023 World Cross Country Championship in Bathurst, Australia. After winning the race in the course record time of 15:19.50 three years ago, she has been able to decrease her track time to 14:43.90. She ran the Valencia Half Marathon in October of last year and came in second with a time of 1:05:46.

Tsege has been training, according to her coach Tolera Dinka, not only to win the race but also to break the course record. If the list of athletes competing is any indication, the competition on Sunday should be harder than any previous competition. Tsege will be competing alongside Medina Issa, the world junior 5000m champion and silver medalist in the Australian junior cross-country race. She has never taken part in a competition like this before.

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