Former beauty contest winner

When she was younger, this woman won a beauty pageant. However, because of how she handled her success, she has struggled to return to her previous status.

Starting tomorrow, a 30-day nationwide campaign for road safety will be run.

Addis Ethiopia, A 30-day national campaign for traffic control and awareness will begin tomorrow, according to the Road Safety and Insurance Fund Service.

“I have a responsibility to lessen the threat; together, we shall travel from Pagumen to Pagumen!” The driving concept guides the movement.

According to Jamal Abbaso, CEO of Road Safety and Insurance Fund Service, all necessary preparations have been made for the road safety campaign, which will begin tomorrow and run through September 25, 2015.

Pagumen days have been carefully planned, he continued, for a campaign to raise awareness of traffic safety.

He mentioned that a control schedule had been created and promised to carry out the work of instructing and advising drivers who had broken minor traffic laws.

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