For me, it was love at first sight.

Everyone has heard tales of couples who just happened to run into one another at a party or a club, and that was it! The person they would wed was immediately apparent to them. If a couple didn’t fall in love right away, they shouldn’t panic because this is not a prerequisite for a lengthy and happy marriage. When you fall in love with someone, you can feel your connection to them right away. Others compare it to the first time you see and speak to someone, when nothing else matters, while others compare it to fireworks. It’s the emotion you get when you connect with someone for the first time and don’t want the experience to end. Paredes claims that the chemistry between two people is what causes the strong, electric-like experience of falling in love at first sight. She says it can be really exciting and happy. Patients who have experienced it have compared it to feeling “drunk” in that you are completely captivated by it. Others have described it as “an immediate sensation of a person,” even if you only glimpse them from across the room at a party, when a new employee is introduced to you at work, or when a friend brings a stranger along for a night out. They have experienced it and wished it would last forever. Quick judgments are made about people based on how they appear, how they are clothed, how they move and speak, and how they appear to you. You instantly feel pulled to this individual and understand that they feel the same way because you have a gut feeling that there is something unique about them.

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