For Adonai, a candle-lighting ritual was organized.

Truth for For the young lady who passed away after being fatally stabbed. A candle-lighting ritual was organized for Adonai. In 2013, we made the decision to expand our business and become a grade one standard contractor. We have worked on a lot of projects in the South Region. In addition to finishing the South Radio Station in Hawassa, we were also involved in the construction of offices, hospitals, and schools. In addition, we have expressed worry about the street sector, particularly in rural areas. After we started to leave Hawassa, we managed to stabilize a sizable agreement in Adama, where we built the most crucial medical facility, in the Hailemariam Mamo compound. We have constructed a health facility in Bale Goba that is well worth 5 billion birr. Right now, we can roughly complete the assignment.
In order to support the construction of the museum and monument to General Waqo Gutua in Oromia, our firm evolved and became smaller. Additionally, a 3.5 km secondary asphalt route inside the Beshale Condominium is now being built. Additionally, we are getting close to completing 176 homes for Civil Service University employees. In addition, we are involved in many projects at public colleges. With the exception of Tigray and Afar, we had responsibilities in every region. Our operating culture is strong. Every employee owns a portion of the company. Everyone must always be available when needed. I am a part of that. I take an active interest in how our tasks are being carried out. Our praise apparatus is also strong. Whoever plays well gets more credit. The competition among our staff members could be fierce because everyone is vying for the title of employee of the year. Additionally, we provide our project managers total power and responsibility. Failure to fulfill one’s obligation could result in termination.

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