Five Well-Known Artists Attended The Addis Ababa City Games League Upheld Veteran Vompetitors On The Event Of Volunteer Day.

Addis Ababa City Games Association offered money related help to 20 veteran contenders with food sharing and event costs on the occasion of Volunteer Day.

The association went to the home of Dr. Zabeh Wolde, who had an unprecedented name in sports in Ethiopia and who kicked the bucket lately, and consoled them. He similarly gave an event gift to Mr. Abebe Tamrat, who helped the Addis Ababa Games Association to help out Moha Fragile Handling plant and show up at a mind boggling level.

The veteran contenders who were maintained expressed thanks to them for their assistance and said that the assistance given to them today was paid for the extraordinary work they have achieved for their nation previously.

Addis Ababa City Games Association said that the Addis Ababa Sports Association is endeavoring to help the Agafa contenders who fought in various worldwide challenges, including the World Olympic Title, and made the country’s name and standard fly high on the world stage through Addis Ababa City Association Youth and Sports Office Publicizing Directorate

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