Five things men consider after you break up

Every breakup is a dreadful (but unavoidable) experience. It really doesn’t matter if the breakup was amicable or not, or whether you were the one in charge or the one who was dumped. Relationship losses like breakups always have an effect on both sides. Contrary to common assumption, males can experience breakups as well, though sometimes not in the manner we might expect. We frequently presume that guys don’t feel as awful after a breakup since they don’t communicate their feelings strongly. This may be because they think the breakup was only temporary. Additionally, since men and women show their feelings in very different ways, it’s probable that we misread their breakup behaviors. Animals preparing for the winter are commonly mentioned in connection with hibernation. Squirrels store up on nuts before the snow starts to fall, while bears retreat to their dens. After a breakup, men frequently separate themselves in the same way. Instead of hiding out in a tree trunk, guys go and stock up on junk food, video games, and movies while figuring out how to deal with their broken hearts. Like women, they might discover comfort in curling up on a couch with some ice cream. Because despair and low energy are frequent side effects of breakups, don’t be surprised if they start sleeping a lot. Hibernation is a coping mechanism for the discomfort.

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