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Five indicators of healthy hair and essential oils

Most of us strive for thick, healthy hair. How does that seem to you? Consider this: great bounce, holds hairstyles, and doesn’t break easily. And those are good traits that some individuals find easier to cultivate than others. Although our genes have the greatest influence, other elements like heat, UV rays, and chemical damage can also affect how healthy and attractive our hair is. It functions optimally when its “shingles” tightly overlay the cuticle and haft below. Your hair will appear incredibly shiny when it is because the cuticle will reflect light. reasonable elasticity Your hair’s incredible flexibility gives you the wonderful bouncy style that lasts all day is a result of your hair’s incredible flexibility. You may achieve any hairstyle goal, from tight curls to enormous blowouts, thanks to its ability to maintain curls. The strength of your hair is determined by its elasticity, and having weak elasticity can result in excessive breakage and frizz. Start by evaluating the elasticity of wet hair. A strand should be slightly stretched out. If the strand snaps back into place once you let go, you’re in good shape. The Loss of a Few Strands Each Day As hair grows in cycles, each follicle has a growth stage that can last between two and eight years. A new hair grows in when the old one falls off. Accordingly, 80–90% of the hair on most people with healthy hair grows all at once, and they can expect to lose up to 125 hairs per day. You should visit a doctor if you frequently lose more weight than that because it can be a sign of a dermatological condition or another health issue.

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