Fikir is a coworker of mine; allow me display a photo of my wife.

Even if your friend is ultimately open to pursuing a romantic relationship, any surprise actions could generate an unsettling sense of unease if they are taken off guard. Be cautious before sharing your feelings. Consult with dependable friends, family members, and confidantes who are familiar with you both and who can act as an unbiased sounding board for you. For instance, if your friends inquire about if your friendship has ever developed into something more, you may be forced to consider it. Another possibility is that you might look around and decide to pursue a connection with the person who is closest to you if you’ve recently been dumped or are feeling lonely. In essence, she claims that it is complex. And you have to examine your feelings to determine what is motivating them. Be open and cautious in how you share your ideas if you do decide to advance your friendship with your friend.

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