Religious Leader Father Petros (Dr) Revealed The Secrete Behind The Ethiopian Orthodox Church

Abune Petros is interviewed. (Dr). Our Lord extends the same invitation to those of us who want to see His glory and who want to stand by His side at the Holy Resurrection as we approach Holy Week. Are we prepared to walk by His side and tote His cross throughout Holy Week? Holy Resurrection is more than just a Sunday that we simply show up for after ignoring Christ throughout Holy Week. God is more upset by our refusal to change than by the sins we have committed, as St. John Chrysostom correctly observed.

Anyone who wants to follow our Lord Christ faithfully should make every effort during Holy Week to put prayerful communion with God above all else and to renounce sinful desires. Here are some pointers to help you enjoy Holy Week to the fullest! Follow Christ’s example: Consider each of the week’s events separately. Consider this: In my life, is Christ King and Lord over everything? Do I reject worldly glory in favour of spiritual and eternal glory, like Christ did? How many times have I betrayed You, O Lord, ask yourself in prayer as the church kisses Judas on the lips on Holy Wednesday. How many times have I prayed to You with loving words only to have my actions and heart show the opposite?

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