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Famous TV Show Host Asfaw Meshesha Got Admitted To Hospital

Asfaw Meshesha, host of EBS TV, what happened to her? The mural also emphasizes how crucial the ECA Human Resources staff is to the co-creation process.

It compiles the design contributions of Sajiv Nair, Chief Human Resources Officer, the Human Resources team, and the leadership ideas of Antonio Pedro, Acting Executive Secretary of the ECA. Carlos Haddad, Director of the Division of Administration, served as an inspiration.

“This is a symbolic representation of our collective effort and shared vision for a better future,” Mr. Haddad remarked during the mural’s unveiling. It demonstrates how much easier it is for us to accomplish our shared objectives when we collaborate.

For his part, Mr. Nair stated, “This imaginative design connects to the kinds of innovations we want to make in the HR space since it embodies new perspectives, youth, and vitality.” The unveiling of the mural marks an important moment for ECA as it embarks on a journey of change toward building a more effective, efficient, and inclusive organization. The mural serves as a reminder of the importance of cooperating as a team, embracing change, and pursuing a common objective.

In conclusion, the mural is both a powerful depiction of ECA’s transformational path and a rallying cry for all of its members to work together to bring about a peaceful change that will lead to a brighter future.

The artwork, which represents significant ideas that will shape the UN in the future, gives ECA employees hope and inspiration. The shared agenda, the framework of values and behaviours, the five drivers of change, and the agents of strategy, agility, accountability, diversity, and inclusion are all on display.

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