Famous Singer Halima Abdruhaman Is Back On Seifu On EBS TV Show

Seifu on EBS has developed past merely providing pleasure to become a platform for discussing significant socioeconomic concerns that affect the Ethiopian populace. Seifu adeptly discusses a variety of topics, such as politics, societal issues, current affairs, culture, and traditions.

Through his approachable and sympathetic manner, he initiates significant conversations and promotes a greater understanding of the issues that are prevalent in Ethiopian society. Seifu Fantahun’s comedic talents are on display in his comedy sketches. Thanks to his impeccable timing and sharp sense of humour, he creates amusing scenarios and characters that make audiences laugh out loud. Millions of fans all across Ethiopia love him because of his ability to incorporate humour into his work. Laugh at yourself. Don’t let anything disturb you. Have faith that you will overcome them. But it’s true that making jokes about your problems in life can eventually assist to relieve stress.

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