Famous Artist Selam Tesfaye Doing Family Planing

So there are valid medical justifications for beginning family planning early. However, this is not always possible in today’s culture. The generation of today is preoccupied with their careers. We devote time to pursuing our education and careers, then when we are stable enough financially, we get married. When we get married, we want to have a good time with our spouse.

The main “Family Planning” choice comes next. Some couples, especially if the marriage was arranged, would only comply with family demands. Few people think that starting a family should come after the honeymoon period in a marriage. Some people become envious of other spouses their own age who decide to start a family.

But in my view, the decision to have a kid or not belongs to the couple alone. Both parties must be prepared physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially in order to plan a family. Yes, parenting requires a strong sense of personal conviction. The other pair must be patient and give them time if one of the partners is unprepared. Never force your partner to make a significant choice.

In terms of family planning, there is no competition. Nobody has the right to judge your choice of family planning. Everything is focused on your connection and on you. Financial obligations for prenatal exams, gynecologist visits, labor and delivery costs, baby showers, etc. must be made before the baby is delivered.

Recently, maternity shoots have become a common preference among many expectant parents. After the baby is born, there are also a number of vaccinations, pediatric appointments, naming ceremonies, newborn shoots, birthdays, and other occasions. When making plans for a baby, these additional expenses must be taken into consideration.

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