Famous Actor Solomon Bogale Surprised The Groom And Bride

Marriage is a social institution that is widely used in society. The wedding rituals change depending on the society’s culture. Ethiopian Orthodox churches follow the tradition of church marriage, or sireate teklil. Every action and ritual performed during the wedding ceremony has a specific meaning and symbolic connotation. Examining family trees and imparting teachings on expectations for the pair are among the duties prior to the wedding. Sending elders to the bride’s family is the next stage.

The wedding day can be chosen and the ceremony can start once the bride’s family has given their blessing. In the course of human existence, positions are regularly changed. Rituals are performed while things are changing. The rite of passage is one of these rituals. A person’s ascent through the social levels is commemorated through this customary event. Marriage is one of life’s rites of passage. Marriage is an institution that categorises a variety of rights. None of these rights are sufficiently universal to serve as the basis for the concept of marriage, and they vary from culture to culture.

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