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EthioTelecom’s 5G Expansion Beyond Schedule

Frehiwot Tamru, the CEO of Ethiopian Telecom, released a statement about the first half of the 2015 budget’s performance. According to his statement, Ethio Telecom earned 33.8 billion birr in the middle of the 2015 fiscal year, or 96 percent of its planned amount. In six months, he said, he was able to acquire over 27.2 million customers, process 166.1 billion birr, and make 82.5 million birr.

They clarified that, in comparison to the same time last fiscal year, earned income increased by 19.9%. The CEO mentioned that there has been a 5.62 billion birr increase and mentioned that 64.8 million dollars have come from foreign currency-generating services. Examining the earnings share by type of service, voice service has a share of 47.4 percent, data and internet 28 percent, international income 8.4 percent, infrastructure rental 2.2 percent and other services have a share of 7.5 percent.

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