Ethiopian Religious Father’s Message For The People

About 27% of Ethiopia’s population is made up of the Amhara ethnic group, which is concentrated in the northern and central highlands.They are one of the most influential ethnic groups in terms of politics and culture in the nation, and their wedding customs are a special expression of their culture.

In this area, ladies can get married as soon as they are 14 (the husband may be about five years older than the bride). In fact, at 14.7 years old, the average marriage age among Amhara people is the lowest ever recorded in Ethiopia. The Three Main Types of Amhara Weddings Amhara marriages normally fall under one of three categories: a Eucharist church marriage, a civil union arranged by family members, or a short-term union.

The bride and groom’s parents normally select the venue for the festivities, which are typically held in a sizable, tastefully decorated hall or theatre. Virginity is highly regarded within Christianity, which predominates in the Amhara region. Therefore, it follows that the bride and groom must be sinless before their wedding.

Kin-negotiated civil marriages are the most typical type of union among the Amhara people. The couple’s parents initially negotiate on their children’s behalf in this kind of marriage. After a priest has blessed the couple, a civil marriage ceremony is held. In the past, the husband would be penalized 80 Maria Theresa thalers if he broke this marriage oath.

Negotiating the partition of property and child custody during a divorce is legal. Only a select group of people, such as royalty, clergy, and elders, normally participate in a Eucharist church marriage (Qurban). Divorce is not an option in this marriage. However, widows and widowers are allowed to remarry.

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