Ethiopian Orthodox Church Received An Apology

The church received their apology. The Divine Liturgy is where Ethiopians go to worship. It is the Church’s essential doctrine and spirituality’s treasure trove and indispensable center. It is a unique divine ritual because it commemorates Jesus’ death and resurrection and perpetually bestows upon humanity the benefits of the living tree of the cross to honor the omnipotent God and thank him for his abundant grace and wonderful gifts that he provided for us through Jesus Christ.

According to its etymology, the word Eucharist comes from the Greek word meaning thankfulness.The Eucharist is thus by definition the culmination of worship and the crowning achievement of all festivals. Since the pure and innocent lamb of God is offered up just once, once and for all, neither the Holy Eucharist nor the sacrifice made on Calvary constitute new offerings or repetitions of that offering.

The Holy Eucharist effectively serves as the final seal of the entire process of salvation, allowing the congregation of the faithful, including clergy and laity, to fully fulfill the Church’s visible expression. It is interesting to note that the Holy Spirit plays a significant part in Ethiopian liturgical history. Every time the Eucharist is celebrated locally, the full Christ, not just a portion of Him, is present. This clearly demonstrates that the Eucharist extends the Incarnation.

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