Ethiopian comedy “I got a tattoo on my chest”

Dr. Ananth claims that when you’re angry, your body releases stress hormones that can cause muscle spasms and inflammation, which can lead to heart attacks. In a similar vein, when you’re under stress, your body releases chemicals that support vascular dysfunction and increase your risk of heart disease. Laughter has the power to lessen or even reverse many of the negative impacts of stress. When you laugh, your body releases hormones that help you feel good. These hormones make you feel good and cover up any negative emotions. It makes sense that laughing would make you feel better. Laughter is an easy way to take care of your heart. It doesn’t call for a major lifestyle adjustment, but it might motivate you to seek joy every day. It encourages the immune system. When you laugh, your body’s ability to fight disease is boosted, lowering your risk of getting sick or infected. If you do become ill, your body is better equipped to handle it. It decreases the likelihood of heart attacks. When you laugh, you take deep breaths and your heart beats more quickly. By boosting the amount of oxygenated blood flowing through your body, this improves vascular function. A heart condition is prevented. Improved circulation and vascular function can also reduce your chances of developing heart disease. Your heart will beat consistently if there is good blood flow. It helps one lose weight. The stress hormone cortisol can accumulate in your body if you undergo too much stress. When your body produces too much cortisol, you may experience rapid weight gain. Laughter not only reduces these stress levels, but it also aids with weight loss. Additionally, a heart-healthy diet and regular exercise will greatly increase your chances of preventing future heart-related issues. lowering blood pressure Endorphins are released to counteract the negative effects of stress hormones, which cause your body to relax and lower your blood pressure. As a result of the lower blood pressure and the release of these “feel good” chemicals, your mood, anxiety, and heart tension all improve.

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