Ethiopian Billionaire Worku Ayitenw’s Sister Amazing Wedding Reception

Worku Aytenew is a multimillionaire and business tycoon from Ethiopia who controls numerous sizable corporations throughout the country.

In the conflict with the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which supports Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration in Ethiopia, Worku Aytenew is also a leader. He provides the troops with funding and inspiration. Worku even traveled to the battlefield as the Tigrayan rebels advanced to inspire the troops battling them. Worku’s renown and popularity in his nation increased as a result. Ethiopia’s Gojam Province is home to the birthplace of Worku Aytenew.

He only advanced to the sixth grade academically. Worku is an enthusiastic, diligent individual with sound business judgment. His company was completely new to him. Even the story goes that Worku used to wash the clothing of other convicts to earn money while he was serving a nine-year sentence. Successful businessman Worku Aytenew plays a part in a variety of industries.

He is a firm believer in making investments in diversified, high-risk, high-return business prospects that increase the socioeconomic advantages to the nation while providing shareholders with alluring rewards over the long run. He has financial interests in the importation of palm oil, industrial farming, mining, aircraft, and real estate. More importantly, his name is well recognized for providing palm oil to the local market at a controlled price point in order to fulfill corporate social responsibility and sustain the base of consumers at the bottom of the pyramid.

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