Ethio-American Cirizen Financially Supports An Ancient Monastery

Trappist Coffins is a work of the priests of New Melleray Nunnery. They are priests of the Roman Catholic Church who have a place with the Request for Cistercians of the Severe Recognition, known as Trappists.

Established in 1849, New Melleray Convent was laid out at the hour of the extraordinary starvation by the priests of Mt. Melleray Convent in Ireland.

As Cistercians, we observe the antiquated religious Guideline of St. Benedict. Steady with that standard, our employment is communicated in an existence of pondering petition, local area sacrament, and physical work. Straightforward living is one of the signs of our life.

New Melleray Convent sent off Trappist Coffins in 1999, and not long after started selling coffins and urns straightforwardly to families at discount costs. Our work at Trappist Coffins gives us both significant work and essential monetary help. To figure out more about New Melleray Monastery and our lifestyle

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