Eregnaye closing ceremony

To perform truly, you must be ready, to tell the truth and let people see you. But honesty is hard, and vulnerability is unnerving. According to the myth of perfection, it’s possible to be error-free. It prevents progress. The main fallacy is that it is feasible. It’s not. Understanding this has a significant influence on my life. After mastering the Meisner technique, I gave myself permission to stop trying to be “perfect” and to start being “authentic.” My acting improved, and I noticed how beautiful it was when other actors let go of the need for perfection and allowed themselves to be seen. The word “safe” is uninteresting in a theater. Nobody wants to watch decent people interact in peace for 2.5 hours! There wouldn’t be a plot, no character growth, and no depth without conflict. There is nothing real about it. And sincerity is what we are after. Think about this The real indicator of a professional is how they handle errors rather than whether or not they make them. That is, after all, real. Because of this, we at the Acting Studio encourage our students to make errors. Making mistakes can be a fantastic learning opportunity. We need them to be brave and take chances. In that way, you learn. Of course, it’s challenging to break the pattern of performing, perfect, please, repeat. I still struggle to reduce my standards and give my daughter a positive attitude of achievement because my upbringing includes perfectionism. Take your children as they are. When people feel appreciated and accepted for who they are, they are more likely to take the constructive risks required to realize their full potential.

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