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The feelings you have when you first start dating can be incredibly thrilling as you get to know each other. After the “honeymoon phase,” the next stage of your relationship can be equally rewarding because it’s the time to build a stronger bond based on sincere love and trust. Even when there is true love, it’s common to have some worries about the future.

However, in order for a relationship to continue over time, it is necessary for both parties’ core values and the concepts and things that reflect their priorities to at the very least be compatible. One of the best examples of how values determine whether you’ve discovered the ideal spouse is the significance of starting a family. The likelihood that two people should get along is probably low if they can’t agree on having children.

Two more values that typically need to line up are where someone lives and how they handle money.Do you think this is “the one”? Have I found the “right” partner? Even though they can be occasionally disturbing, questions like these are quite normal, especially if you’ve already experienced the end of a previous relationship. Your morals are similar or compatible. It’s not necessary for two people to share the same worldview or set of values in order for them to have a great connection.

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