Entrance to an Ethiopian wedding including traditional music

At the weddings, there are vivid displays of Ethiopian wedding traditions and customs. Traditional wedding traditions are still widely used, despite the fact that more and more couples choose modern weddings. Here are a handful of Ethiopia’s most typical wedding traditions. Two days before the wedding, Telosh is observed. The bride receives a bridal gown or jewels as a wedding gift from the groom and his family. The remaining guests present the bride with their gifts before supper. Every member of the bride’s family gathers outside the home to perform a traditional song in which they promise that no one will be permitted inside until the bride’s father has come to pick her up. Before the groom can enter and give his bride flowers, the bride’s family must first give their approval. She kisses the flowers before leading the group of friends and family members to the wedding car. Knee kissing is an Ethiopian wedding tradition that doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the ceremony. Many elderly relatives attend the wedding and get to see their grandchildren, in addition to the bride and groom’s parents. They kiss the knees of the family’s elders when they enter the room to show their respect and admiration for their accomplishments. The newlyweds receive the grandparents’ blessings in return.

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