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Empowering The Disabled: Part I

He continued to date me even though he was married and had a child. strife and Interference: Family involvement, however, can also result in interference and heightened marital strife. When family members push their views or agendas without respecting the couple’s autonomy or privacy, friction can build and the relationship may become more strained. Lack of Boundaries: Family involvement may unintentionally compromise marital boundaries. It can be difficult for a couple to create healthy boundaries and independence if family members meddle too much in their private affairs and decision-making, or if they try to control the relationship.

Unresolved Problems: Family intervention might not be able to resolve the fundamental problems in the marriage. Family members may offer suggestions or answers with the best of intentions, but they might not completely comprehend. This can prevent the couple from confronting and resolving their problems, potentially leading to long-term dissatisfaction.

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