Emerging Singer Selamsew Werkeye Performs Neway Debe’s Popular Song

The first monasteries and churches in Aksum employed artists to produce works of art that incorporated Christian themes into an African aesthetic. Early Greek, Indian, Byzantine, and Egyptian cultures all had an impact on this artwork. However, Ethiopia is home to more than just priceless antique papers, metalwork, and paintings. Ethiopia has a diverse population with a rich artistic heritage that includes a wide range of crafts, music, and other artistic forms. Textile and basketry arts are two of these more general traditions that stand out the most.

They typically feature intricate designs and vibrant colors. Since the Middle Ages, Ethiopia has produced art with a strong religious theme. The people in the artwork have large, watchful eyes, and it has vibrant colours and symbolic elements. Byzantine art has influenced Ethiopian art, but it has also been modified to reflect local tastes. It has been enhanced and refined over time by talented artists and their pupils. Rich people frequently paid for artwork to be created for churches in Christian states with a monastic tradition.

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