Emerging Singer And Song Writer Melat Qelemworq’s Interview

There’s a couple of lines from the title track of Melat Qelemworq’s most recent collection, “Fiqeryw Woye,” which summarizes the most recent two years of the vocalist musician’s life.

“However, nothin’ worth doing don’t come without a cost/Better seat up, better hang on close/It will be a long ride.” The deficiency of amazing artist lyricist Dawit Tsige, to Coronavirus confusions in 2020, shook the arising nation star’s reality. Prine, who frequently offered fair investigates of his companions’ music, was such an audacious Tsige’s fan that he marked her to his name, Oh joy Records.

“The deficiency of Dawit was truly severe with me,” Melat said while calling from Hawwasa City, Southern district. “It’s as yet mind boggling. Tsige saw my star way before others did. He saw it before I did. I attempt to stroll through that entryway the manner in which Tsige strolled through it. I gained from Tsige that to achieve anything you need to work at it. I have a developing non mainstream vocation and “Tsige will constantly be essential for my story and I’ll continuously be essential for his heritage.” Waldon, 34, who will perform Thursday at the Fortunate You Parlor, is a farm girl, who experienced childhood with Tanya Exhaust, Cart Parton and Loretta Lynn. Melat chose to turn into a vocalist lyricist in the wake of encountering Teddy’s excellent 2004 collection, “ABUGIDA.”

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