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Kana TV is to blame for the end of my marriage. To get by, we split a single loaf of bread. Two main methods are used to provide the land. For public buildings, projects, and services like health, education, condominiums, and utilities, the government directly provides the land. However, land lease auctions are how private developers get access to the land. The monthly land auction that the city government was supposed to hold has not taken place since 2017 as a result of corruption in the procedure. She has only held three of her auction rounds since 2017.

As a result, there is now a larger shortage of land in the capital than there is demand for it. Real estate costs have increased as a result of this. Inflation in other markets is also being fueled by a lack of available land in cities. Due to price adjustments made by the University of Addis Abeba, the office also announced new minimum prices for upcoming auctions.

He also divides the cost into four categories based on the plot’s location and intended use. The least expensive rate per square metre for ground-floor real estate in the heart of the capital is 2,213 birr. Plots in the suburbs must cost at least 748 birr per square metre. Comparing the previous minimum price to the new minimum price, the minimum price for everyone has been significantly raised. Officials from the department stated that in order to prevent corruption, the department will continue to hold routine land auctions this time around, using both manual and digital auction management systems.

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