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Effective ways to get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks are bright streaks or lines that appear on your skin after weight gain or during periods of growth. Although they mimic skin rips, they are not always a sign of a health issue. Stretch marks typically appear as red or purple dots at first, but over time they often turn white or silver. The markings’ changing colors reveal their age. The effects of therapy can lessen the visibility and color of your marks, even though they might never completely disappear. Sometimes stretch marks go away on their own. Stretch marks that are more recent and have a reddish tint are simpler to treat. They begin red because there are blood veins under the skin. Red stretch marks are easier to treat when there are still blood vessels in the area. White stretch marks are older and more difficult to treat. Your blood vessels will get smaller over time, which will make it hard to make more collagen. There are techniques to speed up the natural and quick fading of blue stretch marks, even though the results of treatment might not be as striking as with red stretch marks. The most basic way to treat white stretch marks is with routine exfoliation. Additionally, it removes additional dead skin from your body and new skin caused by stretch marks. Exfoliating in addition to other forms of treatment can enhance your results. If the dead skin around stretch marks is removed, other skin treatments will work faster and more thoroughly.
Topical lotions and ointments help minimize the appearance of white stretch marks more effectively. While certain creams can be purchased without a prescription, others need one. When used often, topical creams can make stretch marks less noticeable, but they might not be able to get rid of them completely. Be sure to discuss the risks with your doctor before starting any topical treatment. Some creams may not be powerful enough to treat your condition or they may trigger an allergic reaction.

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