EBS TV Hosts Attended The Amazing Baptism Cermony Of Liya Samuel’s Daughter

Kiya and Asfaw, the hosts of Sunday’s Ebs, received a wonderful surprise. All citizens were urged by ambassador Redwan Hussain to be accountable for carrying out the peace deal.

In the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the members of the Peace Alternative Abiy committee presented the general process of the agreement and future work to the Speakers of the two houses of parliament, regional heads of state, senior government officials, and Prosperity Party branch office officials.

The agreement, according to Ambassador Redwan Hussain, primarily focuses on preserving Ethiopia’s territorial integrity, sovereignty, and long-term peace.
According to him, the deal was reached in a way that honored the shared interests of Ethiopians.

It was agreed, he continued, that one sovereign nation could not have two military forces, and that the law should be upheld.
In this regard, unlawful operations will come to an end, and a transitional government will be installed in the Tigray region until constitutional elections can be held.

Ethiopian Ambassador Redwan Hussain, a member of the Peace Alternative Abi Committee and the Prime Minister’s National Security Advisor, urged all citizens to uphold their obligations for the agreement’s execution because it strengthens Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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